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The new Cirrus helmet brings together today's most advanced materials, technology and design to give climbers the very best protection with style.

The inner shell, made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), absorbs multi-directional impacts from any angle, EPP does not stay compressed like EPS and will protect you repeatedly. Severe impacts will require retirement from use like all climbing equipment.

For added protection the polycarbonate outer shell provides a strong but lightweight solution whilst enclosing the integrated ventilation system, comprising of channels through the inner EPP shell allowing convection to draw heat away from the wearer.

Convection explained; Gas (in this case sweat vapour from the climbers head) is generally less dense than the outside environment, so it is drawn away from the climber's head. Even on a hot day the heat generated by the wearer will create this gradient effect. In this way, convection currents transfer heat away from the climber's head to the outside of the helmet. By utilising the physics we are able to create a helmet with a smooth outer profile with its inspiration drawn from Skate Boarders clean ‘cool' designs.

To compliment the technology and clean design we chose two outer shell finishes, matt and translucent colours combine with the black EPP inner shell to create a stunning design statement radically different to anything currently available. 

As you would expect all the usual helmet components are integrated beautifully within the overall design, one handed cradle adjustment wheel and torch clips which fit into the forward facing vents are cleverly positioned for optimum efficiency. 

Design features

  • Light Weight EPP Design
  • EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Inner shell
  • Polycarbonate outer shell
  • ACV Advanced convection ventilation system
  • One handed cradle adjustment wheel
  • Integrated torch clip system
  • Seven vivid colourways


Work Book 2016/17

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