Sponsored Climbers

As one of the worlds best rock climbing brands is it essential that Wild Country is associated and works closely with, the world's best climbers. It is these people who push the direction of the sport that inspire us to keep pushing as hard at making the best gear available.

So around the world we try to keep our finger on the pulse of the action, from the UK's new gritstone heroes, to alpinists, boulderers and crack meisters. And year by year we try to find the latest and best climbers to inspire us and test our gear to the limits.

UK Sponsees - Wild Country has been lucky enough to have been involved with some of the most amazing British climbers over the last twenty five years and been lucky enough to have their advice and input. From Pat Littlejon and Ron Fawcett, two of the of the biggest names of the 70's and 80's, to James Pearson and Pete Whittaker who are pushing levels now: via Jerry Moffat, Seb Grieve and Neil Bentley, the names are evocative and their routes even more so.

US Sponsees - A killer bunch of young tyros...grrrr..and an old tyro called Kevin.

European Climbers - From Germany, Norway, Spain and more....

Rock Climbers Around The World - Wild Country also combines with its partners around the world to sponsor some of the top and upcoming climbers wherever they may be.