Pro Key Nut Key

The Pro-key is a superbly designed, lightweight, nut tool.

The Pro-key is our completely new nut key. With a host of great features (including our new leash) to make it easier to help you free-up your 'too-expensive to leave behind' rack of shiny beauties.

A radical update makes this tool more adaptable and easier to use. The Pro-key comes with a new precision ground tip which allows access to the smallest slots, as well as a wire gate at the top which allows a direct clip to the harness. Added to this, a one piece a 'folded top' gives a bigger surface area to allow a firmer (less painful) push with the palm and large central holes keep the weight down. Finally, and exclusively, the Pro-Key is available with an extendable detachable and flexible leash which can be clipped (via a mini-wiregate biner) to your harness preventing loss in extreme positions.

Options - The Pro-Key is available in two options; one with the extendable flexible leash and one as a unit without leash.