New Pro Guide

New for 2012 the new Pro Guide belay plate is a superb choice as the ‘do it all’ belay device for belaying, abseiling and guiding on ropes from 7.7-11mm

Adding a ‘guide’ function to the ever popular VC Pro 2 makes this new model a superb choice as the ‘do it all’ belay device.

Neat and ergonomic it’s simple to operate, smooth in use and its guide mode allows safe rigging to bring up twin followers. Cleverly and importantly it’s easy to free under load in guide mode in the event of a fall with our built in ‘release slot’.* Aimed at adventure climbers, alpinists and guides it works on ultra-modern ropes of 7.7mm and upwards and pays out or catches falls with equal aplomb. *For correct rigging and use it is essential to read instructions.
Available in a set with the Synergy Lite Keylock karabiner.


In stores now

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