VC Pro 2

The VC Pro 2 has been designed to complement the diverse activities of the modern climber and is adaptable across a wide range of disciplines.

The VC Pro 2 has a  simple organic shape and ease of use that make this a modern belay device that is truly confidence inspiring.

Built to have  a perfect combination of abilities the VC Pro 2 has plenty of ‘bite’ on thin cords yet a smooth payout on fatter ropes. So from midweek on an indoor wall, to sports climbing, double rope traditional or Alpine here’s a device that’s effective and gives total confidence in one neat package. Sitting beautifully in the hand the VC Pro 2 is easy, forgiving and obvious to use, even for beginners. Experts will also admire its adaptability because like the original VC it can be used in two modes, either ‘slick’ or with more ‘bite’ depending on circumstance and ropes chosen.

So as the lightest of its type on the market, fitting a wide range of ropes, with a simple shape, a large keeper loop and a stylish range of colours the VC Pro 2 should be your next best friend and remain by your side for years to come. Set available with Synergy Lite Keylock HMS.

The VC Pro 2 will deal with single Ropes from 9mm upwards and double ropes from 7.7mm upwards