New Friends 5 + 6

New Big Friends 5 and 6 are in store now across the world....and these mega crack munching monsters are already going down a storm!!

Offwidths may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when you’re arm deep in one with no alternative gear the last thing you need is to be above a flimsy cam which walks or rotates as you make your move.

So it’s with great pleasure we can tell you this won’t be the case with these new big Friends: solidly sprung, easy to trigger and with a head width that gives them a confidence inspiring stability, these are now the definitive big cams available. Designed around the guiding principles of all Friends, they’re lightweight and are built with the tried and tested principles of our 13.75 constant cam angle, single stem and single axle that give a secure and predictable loading every time.

Built to perform these burly units have a reassuring feel and a satisfying solidity when placed meaning they don’t move easily; leaving you to concentrate on the climbing above not wondering what’s happening below.

The Big Friends consists of Friends 5 and 6 and take the overall range of the Friends offered by Wild Country - starting with Zero Friends and thru Helium Friends - from a miniscule 5.5mm to a whopping 197mm - the largest range offered by a single manufacturer.

As Tom Randall, possibly the world's best wide crack climber, says:
"One of the best things about the large Friends (5 & 6) is that they're wide enough to create a really stable base. This is massively important when using them tipped out - I'd happily trust a big friend all the way to its limit. For me there's no other big camming device on the market that inspires as much confidence when upside down in a 5.14 offwidth and the the action on the larger friends is always reassuring smooth, so you know you can concentrate 100% on the climbing"


13.75 cam angle, Single axle, Single stem, Scaled head width,  Full floating trigger with independent cam triggering, Full strength cam stops , Colour coded, 12mm Dyneema sling.

Big Friends are available now across the USA and the UK - check out our store locator to find your nearest stockist...

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