A bestseller! It's hard to imagine that this simple re-working of the humble Hex could have caught on so well but these superb units are now a mainstay on everyone's rack.


Another Wild Country first, Rockcentrics are a verstaile and ingenious take on the outmoded 'hex' which combine curved sides and light weight to make a highly regarded best seller.

The success of the Rockcentric can be attributed to the combination of curved sides that seat much more effectively than flat sided nuts and the all-around ease of placement or removal - essentially curving the sides of a 'hex' was a simple step  that had a dramatic effect. The other big plus point for the Rockcentric was its versatility, each nut provides four placement modes and as of two of these are 'camming style' placements, they make an effective starter tool for those who haven't got Friends.

Rockcentrics are colour coded, come on on pre-sewn 12mm Dynnema and are rated at 12kn. Usings Dyneema also gives flexibility; it's better over edges and generally doesn't need lengthening. This allows a single krab to be used rather than a QD reducing the overall weight of the climber's rack.

Overall, Rockcentrics are easy to select, easy to place, and their place amongst the best selling kit of all time is testament to their enduring usefulness. And there isn't really a rack which Rockcentrics don't suit, from the eager beginner, to the gnarliest winter freak these are


Four placement options, Lightweight, Thin side walls, Colour coding, Seven sizes, Dyneema sling. Set available 3-9. 6082 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122