Superlight Rocks

Light, right and loved by all "The Superlight Rocks are going into the review this issue. I liked them so much I had to get them in. They are the best nuts I've ever used. Having just the one wire lets them seat much better than standard nuts. I was very surprised by the difference. I thought it would be slight, but it was massive. Even in regular, deep slots they are less problematic to fire in, and then they seat better. I did notice that the Superlights were roughly a regular Rock, cut down the middle. For my uses, I place Rocks (and all nuts) in their narrow profile probably 99% or more of the time ... I can't actually recall ever placing a nut, aside from a hex, in a placement along its wide axis. So, for me, the Superlights are ideal ... I don't give up a thing, except weight." Duane Raleigh, Editor, Rock and Ice Magzine, USA

As can be gathered from these exceptional reviews, Superlight Rocks are another breakthrough innovation by Wild Country.

These brilliantly versatile nuts utilise two existing technologies: the extrusion from the bestselling Rock with the soldered sleeve from the Zeros, to create a light hybrid unit. Designed to complement any rack by combining extreme light weight with a wide range of placements; their reduced width means they will fit in places where current wider nuts won’t and grab shallow placements and pinscars brilliantly.

One important thing not to be overlooked is that front to back these Superlights are exactly the same shape as standard Rocks and so in extremis are a direct, but very light replacement, and can be carried as such - or they make a second set. So for big wallers / alpinists / speed freaks and those pushing the trad limits the potential is enormous. So although at first glance Superlights may look very specialist or a little peripheral, Superlight Rocks can be seen as an essential 'addition' to a rack the kit bridging the gap between ones rack of 'tinies' and standard wires.”

Finally, for those who want to shave lbs from their rack the Superlights weigh in at 3.22oz or 90grams for 6 instead of 5.72oz or 164 grams for a normal Rock 1-6 a saving of around 45% - not to be sniffed at in this day and age.


7075 alloy for easier removal, Single wire, colour coded anodising, Tapered sides. 7075 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122