Voluntary Recall - Rocks and Classic Rocks - Issued 07102013

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of certain batches of Wild Country Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks

If you own any Wild Country Classic Rocks and/or Anodised Rocks that were purchased any time from January 2010 onwards please read the PDF notices carefully and follow the instructions “How to Identify the Product”, so that you can ascertain whether your product is from one of the affected batches.

PDF#1 - Voluntary Recall Notice - Wild Country Classic Rocks and Anodised rocks - Issued 07/10/2013

PDF #2 - Frequently Asked Questions about the Recall of Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks - Issued 07/10/2013

Once you have read the notices and inspected your Rocks if you have any Rocks to return please use the link below to visit our automated returns centre:

Rocks Recall - Go to our Automated Returns Centre


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Voluntary Recall Classic and Anodised Rocks Issued 07102013

Wild Country have issued a voluntary recall on certain batches of Anodised and Classic Rocks - please read this PDF to find out how to identify and return affected batches.

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FAQ's Rocks Recall UK 07102013

FAQ's Rocks Recall 07/10/2013
This PDF contains the Frequently Asked Questions about the recall of Wild Country Anodised Rocks and Classic Rocks.

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Notificación De Retirada Voluntaria Del Mercado Wild Country Rocks 07/10/2013

Wild Country ha retirado del mercado ciertos lotes de los Classic Rocks y Rocks Anodizados – por favor, lee este PDF para descubrir cómo identificar y retornar los lotes afectados.

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Preguntas Frequentes Retirada del Rocks 07102103

Este PDF contiene las Preguntas Frecuentes acerca de la retirada del mercado de los Classic Rocks y Rocks Anodizados de Wild Country.

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Comunicazione Di Ritiro Volontario - Wild Country Rocks - 07/10/2013

Wild Country ha ritirato alcuni lotti di Anodised e Classic Rocks – leggi questo PDF per scoprire come riconoscere e restituire i prodotti interessati.

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Domande Frequenti Sul Ritiro Di Wild Country Rocks - 07/10/2013

Questo PDF contiene le domande frequenti sul ritiro dei Wild Country Anodised Rocks e Classic Rocks.

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Avis De Rappel Volontaire - Rock Classics Et Rock Anodisé Wild Country - 07/10/2013

Wild Country a rappelé certains lots de Rock Anodisé et Rock Classic – merci de lire ce PDF pour savoir comment identifier et renvoyer les lots concernés.

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Questions Frequentes Au Sujet Du Rappel Produit Volontaire Sur Les Coinceurs Rock - 07/10/2013

Ce PDF contient les questions posées fréquemment au sujet du rappel de Rock Anodisé et Rock Classic Wild Country.

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Freiwilliger Rückruf Wild Country Classic Rocks Und Anodised Rocks 07/10/2013

Wild Country hat einige Chargen der Anosdised und Classic Rocks zurückgerufen. Bitte lesen Sie dieses PDF aufmerksam durch. Hier erhalten Sie alle relevanten Informationen zur Identifikation und Rückgabe der betroffenen Chargen.

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Häufig Gestellte Fragen (Faq) Zum Rückruf Der Rocks 07/10/2013

Das PDF enthält die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen (FAQ) zum Rückruf der Willcountry Anodised Rocks und Classic Rocks.