Videos and Downloads

Wild Country is working hard to be able to provide its customers with a great selection of interactive tools to help entertain inform, and educate about Wild Country and its products.

So in our download section you can find a wide varietyWild Country has great product catalogues to view of stuff to watch, keep, or pass on to friends: from some pretty cool videos of our athletes in action or the latest 'how to' product video, to up to date catalogues, instructions and press releases that will keep you in touch with all that's happening in Wild Country's world.

So here's a brief overview of what's available:

Videos - two types; routes and bouldering which highlight our sponsored climbers where it really counts, pulling down and instructional, which show you how to use your gear better often with techniques and advice from some of our sponsored climbers.

Catalogues - new and old there's everything Wild Country have produced for the last few years with clasic photos and loads of great products.

Instructions - all Wild Country instructions are now online....Finally you can download and print out a copy of any instructions that you have lost or simply want to re-read for the knowledge on use, cleaning & looking after your kit. All these are PDFs which are simple to download and print.

Press Releases - from the last couple of years on Wild Country's latest products - these give you a handy, quick to download and easily printable overview in PDF form.

Go Green - remember if you do download any of our printable material that it's cheaper and much, much environmentally friendly if you store them on your computer and view them on screen - and it's for this reason Wild Country haven't prouced a full printed catalogue for a number of years