Innovative Construction

Long-Lasting Performance


The Wild Country Patented composite construction is an innovative combination of an elastic Polyurethane (PU) layer laminated between two layers of microfiber. Since PU has less viscoelasticity than conventional rubber, the shoes retain their shape and performance for longer without deforming.

Footwear Technology


Redefining Precision

& Sensitivity


The Wild Country climbing shoes are an unconventional solution to bring about a transformation in the way rock shoes function. No longer is cramming your foot into a very small shoe key to creating power and sensitivty. Precise footwork really can exist without painful shoes.


The innovative sandwich construction upper cradles your foot between precisely defined zones of elasticity and tension. While the specially engineered Michelin® sticky rubber, Formula Wild, offers unrivaled friction and sensitivity. The sole is a single-piece 3D sole, allowing for a seamless design of varying thicknesses across the foot. All of this yields out of the box comfort with unsurpassable precision, support, and sensitivity. You can finally trust your feet and send that project.




Sandwich Construction

The microfiber and PU layers combine to form a "net" that wraps the foot. The PU tensioning layer is thicker in specific zones to provide targeted compression and thinner in others to allow for increased malleability for sensitive movements.



Midsole Construction

The textile midsole under the foot works together with the PU in the upper to create greater tension in the foot for additional support and push. This creates a seamless power transfer between the pressure you apply from subtle movements in your foot to the sole of the shoe without leaving your feet exhausted or cramped.



Engineering Superior Rubber

Working jointly with Michelin® to create a rubber that would not hold back our upper construction technology their engineers immediately understood the importance of grip and friction; something they are very familiar with in race cars and moto-bikes. They started with the rubber compound of the MotoGP tires which are distinguished by control and adhesion to the ground. After hours of testing for durability, grip, and stability across a range of temperatures from 0˚C to 25˚C they created Formula Wild. A climbing rubber which excels at smearing, edging, and hooking across a wide range of temperatures and rock surfaces making it more versatile and advanced than any climbing rubber before.



Michelin® Rubber Technology

Formula Wild

The new sticky Formula Wild compound borrows its advanced friction and grip from Michelin®'s MotoGP tires. The same tires used in elite moto race, made to grip at over 180/KPH in blistering hot sun, rain, and anything in-between



Molded Sole

Redefines Precision

The net molding process makes it possible to create a 3D sole with a thickness of rubber that varries across defined zones of the foot. This offers maximun sensitivity and friction in a platform that wraps seamlessly to the upper shoe.


The molding also ensures a greater durability over the lifetime of the shoes with consistent high-quality rubber definition and no wasted offcuts from trimming and sanding the sole to the shoe. It also means that if the sole wears out it can be resoled at the forefoot area with full precision, thanks to a special moulded half-sole.



Variable Thickness:

Offers Maximum Sensitivity

and Friction

The sole construction allows us to create specifically defined areas of thickness across the foot. This creates zones of support and stiffness, and of supreme sensitivity mapped specifically to how feet move in flexion and extension while climbing.



Integrated Arch Support

Guarantees Stability and Torsional Resistance

Arch support helps to reduce the increased exertion put on your muslces from stabilizing your feet. This means your energy and power are more directly transfered to deilicate and precise footwork. The molded sole also creates a more a more stable platform elliminating the tendency for rubber to collape or roll over as you make smearing and hooking moves.


Footwear Technology