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The Mission men’s is a new reference in comfort and control. A truly remarkable fit, it is designed around our unique newV-Flex™ belt and...

The REVO is a tube-style device with a backup-locking mechanism. The Bi-Directional assisted locking belay device functions independent from the...

Adaptable and easy to use, this slick nut tool is well thought out.

The Pro-Key is a superb nut key with a host of great features.

A stylish multi-discipline master.

Sports specific and impeccably designed, the radical Proton has received plaudits across the board.

Backed by 40 years of design experience the Friend is the only twin axle cam that combines the convenience and comfort of a thumb loop with the...

Give your Friends a new lease of life with our Trigger Repair Kits.

A superb sport climbing combination.

The original rock design is available in a set of 1-10.

Wildwire quickdraws are available in three lengths.

The superb hot forged Protons make an awesome quickdraw package.

Still the ultimate on-sighting ‘draw Heliums are a 5 star choice.

A great value sport draw in a variety of lengths.

‘Have you got the bag of ‘friends’ Ray?’ the name stuck…

Our lightest quickdraw, the Astro remains a very usable unit.

Our new variable width Sport Draw is built wide for easy grabbing whilst dogging or rigging a route.

A high performance offset.

This remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess.

Light, intuitive and smooth running, the Pro Lite is simple, secure and efficient.

The original Ropeman has been a bestseller for over 10 years and is a benchmark mountain product.

Clean and close-fitting, the Mission women’s unique newV-Flex™ belt delivers unprecedented comfort and support

The new ergonomically designed Dipper chalk bag is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

A giant bag of our pure powder lets you top up from home meaning you should never be out.

Blended, baked, formed and crushed to our specifications, this is one of the best value bags around.

Liquid chalk makes the perfect base on a problem where you can’t chalk up or a pitch where you need as much help as possible.

Perfect for two refills, chalk blocks let you crush to your own style.