Naomi Buys

Name: Naomi Buys


Years Climbing: 24

Hometown: Burnley, UK

Currently Living: Burnley, UK

Local Climbing Spot: Lancashire, Yorkshire, Grit, and limestone

The Insights

Why / How Did You Start Climbing: With my big brother at a local climbing wall!

Favorite Climbing Destination: Anywhere with great rock and beautiful views!

Memorable Climbing Achievement(s): Climbing Wicked Gravity 8b at Malham Cove

In 3 Words What Describes Climbing To You: Challenge, Adventure, Nature

How Do You Train: Climb as much as possible

You Whip, You Slip, You Blow The Move... What Motivates You To Try Again: Unlocking the puzzle of the rock and feeling the resultant satisfaction.

What Do You Do When You're Not Climbing: Work, voluntary work, relaxing with friends, soaking in a bubbly bath