Belay Devices & Ascenders for Rock Climbing (auto belays are self-regulating)

Rock climbing belay devices are important pieces of safety equipment for all climbers. The friction created by the rope running through the device gives the climber more rope control when belaying, enabling a more controlled descent. Belays are commonly used with carabiners, quickdraws and harnesses, all vital pieces of equipment for a safe, unforgettable adventure. At Wild Country, we offer a range of climbing ascenders and self belay devices for rock climbing. Whether you are an adventure climber, alpinist or general all-rounder, you will find what you need in our belay device and rope ascender section. Some of our devices are lighter and more intuitive than others and can be used with a range of ropes, making them suitable for the all-round climber. However, for the ultimate in safety, the bi-directional, automatically locking REVO leads the way. It prevents over-riding and locks regardless of rope direction without the need for additional locking carabiners

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The REVO is the only automatically locking belay device which has a completely panic-proof locking mechanism.


For use in mountain and crag environments by alpinists and adventure climbers, the Pro Guide Lite is ergonomic, smooth and simple to operate.


With hot forged side plates and a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 has become ‘standard issue’ for many mountaineering and crag activities


Upgraded with forged sideplates for increased strength, less weight and an even better fit, the Ropeman is a benchmark mountain product.