Alessandro Ratclif

Name: Alessandro Ratclif

Nickname: Zino (because I started climbing in socks; calzino in Italian)

Born: August, 18 1993

Years Climbing: 6

Hometown: Torino, IT

Currently Living: Torino, IT

Local Climbing Spot: Striature Nere - Foresto


The Insights

Why / How Did You Start Climbing: Because it isn't a usual sport and it allows me to enjoy nature in a new way

Favorite Climbing Destination: Sardinia IT, Siurana ES, Paklenica HR

In 3 Words What Describes Climbing To You: Self, Challenge, Nature

How Do You Train: I go to the gym 2-3 times a week

You Whip, You Slip, You Blow The Move... What Motivates You To Try Again: I love to try and work hard moves to find the right solution with my friends, but above all I enjoy the fall.

What Do You Do When You're Not Climbing: Studying energetics engineering, slacklining, surfing, playing music, and making videos