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Alexandra Ladurner

Name: Alexandra Ladurner

Born: February 1992

Years Climbing: 15

Hometown: Meran, IT

Currently living: Meran, IT

Local Climbing Spot: Algund

The Insights

Why / How Did You Start Climbing: my mom registered me for a climbing course in our hometown

Favorite Climbing Destination: Rocklands, South Africa

Memorable Climbing Achievement(s): My last sport climbing trip to Tonsai Beach - I was feeling strong again after a long and tough period of injuries

In 3 Words What Describes Climbing To You: Passion, Freedom, Being with yourself

How Do You Train: At the moment just climbing

You Whip, You Slip, You Blow The Move... What Motivates You To Try Again: Exhaust all possibilities

What Do You Do When You're Not Climbing: Working, Chilling, Hiking