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Guilia Mongardi

Name: Guilia Mongardi

Born: July, 17 1995

Years Climbing: 6

Hometown: Mondovì,IT

Currently Living: Lausanne, CH

Local Climbing Spot: Mont Carogne, Arnad (Bassa Val d'Aosta)

The Insights

Why / How Did You Start Climbing: My mother took me shortly after she began climbing and from that moment on I have never stopped. Really climbing was close to my world though, and a natural step for me as my family has always been in the mountains, I grew up skiing and most of my childhood was spent hiking and trekking.

In 3 Words What Describes Climbing To You: Friends, Concentration, Nature

How Do You Train: I usually go to the gym during the week

You Whip, You Slip, You Blow The Move... What Motivates You To Try Again: I think I identify every pitch as a personal challenge. The aim is always to overcome my limits and to test myself out of comfort zone.

What Do You Do When You're Not Climbing: During the academic year I am mainly studying, going to the cinema and reading books, while holidays are dedicated to travel and climbing. One of the greatest passions I have is traveling, every year I try to go somewhere I have never been to. Talking about sports outside of climbing, I really love skiing; I have been doing competitions since I was a child.