Traditional Climbing Apparel for Women

Wearing the appropriate clothing is a must when climbing. At Wild Country, we have a wide range of different climbing wear for women meeting all your needs and requirements. When it comes to traditional climbing gear and apparel for women, we focus on providing comfort, durability, breathability and above all, great flexibility. From summer through to winter, make sure you chose the right rock climbing gear and wear for your adventure on the rock, as they can directly impact how you will perform and how comfortable you will feel. Start with clothes: for example, the transition pant offers a tough, yet stretchy, option for outdoor climbers, while the stamina pant offers something sturdy yet light. For something truly lightweight and flexible, take a look at the range denim leggings, super comfortable and abrasion-resistant. We also offer tees and tank tops that do not limit arm movement perfect for climbing in warmer temperatures. Cold weather climbers can enjoy our warmer selection of beanies and additional accessories. With all apparel in different colours and sizes, it's easy to find the perfect item for trad or alpine routes.

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