Tom Randall

Name: Tom Randall

Born: February 1980

Years Climbing: 20

Hometown: Sheffield

Currently Living: Sheffield

Local Climbing Spot: The Gritstone


Tom is a keen trad climber and has established many first ascents all over the world, mostly involving some kind of crack climbing. In 2011 he teamed up with Pete Whittaker to take on the world's hardest offwidth crack Century Crack, which is documented in the film "Wide Boyz" from Hotaches. His current project is to make the first ascent of “The Crucifix” in the USA.


The Insights

Why / How Did You Start Climbing: It started climbing at school in an informal bouldering competition. I did a bit better than expected, so I thought I might continue! I loved the adventure and the challenge of trying to “win” against the rock... although that became “problem solving” rock!

Favorite Climbing Destination: Utah, USA

Memorable Climbing Achievement(s): Making the first ascent of Century Crack

In 3 Words What Describes Climbing To You: Challenging, adventurous, unique

How Do You Train: A mix of things, but mainly I try to train specifically for whatever project is coming next. There is no point in working on my power if I'm going to be ledge shuffling ground up trad for the next few weeks.

You Whip, You Slip, You Blow The Move... What Motivates You To Try Again: It’s just a problem to solve...

What Do You Do When You're Not Climbing: Bit of work, bit of reading and spending time with my family